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The Spokane International Airport (GEG) is updating its Master Plan and this website is your link to project information. The airport has completed all of the action items from the previous Master Plan and is ready to create a new list. The new plan will help the airport serve the growing population and the expanding regional economy over the next thirty years. We encourage you to be involved by signing up for project updates.

You can provide comments to the project team through the Contact Us page or join the conversation on Facebook


What is an Airport Master Plan Study?

An Airport Master Plan Study (AMP) is a process to plan for the short-, mid- and long-term development goals of the airport. This plan will have a 30-year planning horizon which is longer than most. The study is developed through a combination of professional evaluation and public involvement. The conclusions are recorded in a written document and adopted by the Airport Board.

An AMP guides the physical growth of the airport so that it is coordinated with the future demand for services, available funding and environmental considerations. The AMP uses text and drawings to explain plans for future development both on and around the airport. It also includes a proposed schedule for development and a plan for funding. An AMP is also a tool to meet local, state and federal regulations, many of which are tied to funding and environmental compliance.

Website Guide: What’s here and where to find it:

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  • Meetings: See a schedule of upcoming meetings and notes from past meetings.
  • The Draft Plan: Draft Master Plan chapters: summaries and complete downloads of each draft chapter as they are written.
  • FAQs: Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Airport Master Plan Study and more.
  • Contact Us: Send us a note, sign up for email updates, and see a list of the planning committee and project team.