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Can you really hear the sound?

Have you ever tried to describe what the sound level or noise level of an aircraft is to someone from the general public? We talk about decibels and noise contours, and we’re often met with blank or confused stares from our audience. It’s frustrating to both parties involved in the discussion. 

Well, folks, there is help on the horizon!  I’ve recently come across a great technology – Virtual Soundscape.  This is a product/service that is being marketed by one of the long-time industry experts in noise – Harris Miller Miller and Hanson Inc. (HMMH). 

Nick Miller, Vice President and one of the founders of HMMH, showcased their Virtual Soundscape in a kiosk format at the recent Sustaining Military Readiness conference that we both attended and I got to experience it first-hand.  It was AWESOME! 

You are able to hear an aircraft taking-off and experience the sound with various options such as being outside, inside a structure, inside with the windows closed and with sound insulation. You can even include additional “background noise” such a radio or dishwasher or a dog barking. You can pick different aircraft ranging from large commercial aircraft to smaller general aviation planes. You can also select different locations around the airport. The sample Nick was showing was from San Diego.

I encourage you to check it out! It’s well worth it.

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