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What is your watershed address?

Laura Morland

Laura Morland in the field

Many of us have multiple addresses these days – a home address, work address, email address. But do you know your watershed address? 

Watersheds are the hydrologic units (streams, rivers, lakes) to which an area drains. Maybe you know enough about your area to know where your water drains, but if you don’t, check out this USEPA website to find your watershed address.

A watershed approach is one of the most effective way to manage water resources. It’s been said that water doesn’t recognize political boundaries. And a watershed approach acknowledges this fact. For an airport project we’re working on in Minnesota, we are seeing how the state has adopted a watershed approach to wetland mitigation; the state’s wetland banking program is administered by service areas that are comprised of watersheds so that wetland compensation can be provided in the same watershed.  It makes good sense. 

What’s been your experience with wetland mitigation and watershed management in your area?

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When she begins an environmental assessment, Laura likes to gain first-hand knowledge of local issues by meeting with clients and stakeholders. “I enjoy sharing, so the collaborative nature of my work suits me,” she says. “I like having a chance to apply lessons-learned to new projects and situations.” A believer in lifelong learning, Laura enjoys traveling to experience local culture and cuisine. View My Bio
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