Mead and Hunt


Laura Morland Joseph PickeringStephanie Ward

Connecting flight: issues & trends in aviation

TTF Operations: Pros or Cons to Airport Development 12.18.14 by Stephanie Ward

TTF operations have been a topic between airports and the FAA for years. Allowing activities to take place off-airport and come onto airport property to use the runway READ MORE

Kathy Schumann

Life at Mead & Hunt: a glimpse of our culture, people, and practices

Looking good all over the country 12.16.14 by Kathy Schumann

What's a happy holiday without an ugly holiday sweater? (Well, it's certainly not as fun!) READ MORE

Christina Slattery Amy Squitieri Chad Moffet

Past & present: preserving bridges & buildings in the modern world

Stocking-Stuffers for the Preservationist on Your List 12.16.14 by Chad Moffett

If you’re like me, you still have some last minute holiday shopping to complete. Whether for you, that special someone, or a colleague, books are the perfect gift during the READ MORE

Freeways: topics in transportation engineering and planning

NEPA Goes Online with Every Day Counts Effort 12.16.14 by Dustin Wolff, AICP

The NEPA approval process, as we know it, is changing and going online. For a number of years the Federal Highway Administration has promoted their Every Day Counts READ MORE

Streamline: issues and trends in water resources

Hydropower in America's New Energy Era 12.9.14 by Miroslav Kurka, PE, PMP

Move over natural gas. The NHA has a new video that succinctly outlines the benefits and promise of hydropower in an interesting and informative way. READ MORE