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Laura Morland Joseph PickeringStephanie Ward

Connecting flight: issues & trends in aviation

What’s this Building Going to Cost Me? 08.21.14 by Guest Blogger

Initial investment for facility projects, including soft and hard costs, typically dominates the project dialogue between owner and consultant. And yet, how often are READ MORE

Kathy Schumann

Life at Mead & Hunt: a glimpse of our culture, people, and practices

Learning to Thrive, Giving (Part 4) 08.19.14 by Kathy Schumann

Many of our offices across the country recently coordinated the donation of school supplies in their local community. Last week in Madison, we sorted through thousands of READ MORE

Christina Slattery Amy Squitieri Chad Moffet

Past & present: preserving bridges & buildings in the modern world

Mission 66 Legacy: Modernism and Our National Parks 08.19.14 by Guest Blogger

Next time you visit a National Park don’t forget to enjoy the architectural heritage and legacy of the Mission 66 Program. Our National Parks are well-known for their natural READ MORE

Freeways: topics in transportation engineering and planning

Keep on Truckin’ 08.19.14 by Guest Blogger

It has been said that nearly everything we use in our daily lives has been transported by a heavy truck. Goods move around the world in the global marketplace, transported READ MORE

Streamline: issues and trends in water resources

Keeping Our Toolboxes Stocked 07.31.14 by Kari Nichols, PE

Expanding the engineering toolbox to keep it well-stocked benefits engineers and clients, but feedback after tool implementation really helps enhance tool application. READ MORE