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Connecting flight: issues & trends in aviation

Airports Going Green is Flying High 11.20.14 by Guest Blogger

The Airports Going Green Conference brings together a group of people all interested in trading experience to increase sustainable practices at airports. Read Kate Andrus' READ MORE

Streamline: issues and trends in water resources

Hydro Users Group Recognizes Great Leadership 11.18.14 by Guest Blogger

It’s been a great year for the MHUG and that success is due in part to the great leadership of Carson Mettel, the 2013-14 MHUG President. He was recognized on November 13 for READ MORE

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Past & present: preserving bridges & buildings in the modern world

New Section 106 Tool – FAA Handbook 11.18.14 by Chad Moffett

Just released - the FAA’s Section 106 Handbook focusing on compliance for aviation actions. READ MORE

Freeways: topics in transportation engineering and planning

New Industrial Developments Require Updated Freight Infrastructure 11.18.14 by

The movement of freight is an important part of a fully functioning transportation system. Within and throughout a region, it is critically important to industry, retail, READ MORE

Kathy Schumann

Life at Mead & Hunt: a glimpse of our culture, people, and practices

What we're about 10.1.14 by Kathy Schumann

We talk a lot about legacy here - mostly because we're pretty proud of ours. So much so, that we've added a Founder's Room to our newest office building to celebrate how much READ MORE