Mead and Hunt
Bid #:
Entered By:
Elise Jorgenson
Bid Date:
February 27, 2015
Owner: Village of Albany
Project: 2013 Streets Project
Contact: Tim Astfalk, EMAIL, 608-443-0482
2440 Deming Way, Middleton, WI 53562
Estimate: $
Plan Holder Document: Plan Holders List
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Date Plans Available: 2/5/15
Project Notes: The project consists of the following:
Replacing approximately 570 linear feet of sanitary sewer main.
Replacing approximately 690 linear feet of water main.
Replacing approximately 610 linear feet of storm sewer and associated structures.
Replacing approximately 6,60 linear feet of concrete curb.
Replacing approximately 280 square yards of concrete sidewalk and ramps.
Replace SCADA system for water system and lift stations
Provide and install new chemical feed pumps, scales, containment system, and related
equipment for two (2) well houses.
Provide and install a new emergency generator plug and transfer switch at well house No. 2.
Addenda: Addendum 1
Addenda 2
Deposits & Fees: Amount: Refundable?
Full Size Deposit: $50 Yes
Reduced Size Deposit: $n/a No
Handling Fee: $n/a No